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2019 Challenge Calendar

See the plan for upcoming challenges, and access previous community challenges

Create Daily Challenge

This content is available to Sea Change members only … If you’re already a member, sign in here. If you’re not a member, sign up now — it’s

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Declutter Challenge

There is an incredible peace that we can achieve if we declutter our home and work spaces. This challenge is about getting that process started and moving into a life of simplicity.

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Healthy Eating Challenge

This challenge is essential for living a healthy, happy life. It’s not about dieting or sacrifice, but about shifting to an eating style that gives us incredible nutrition and health!

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Frequently Asked Questions about Challenges

We’ve created a Sea Change community on Slack — see this page to join. You can also apply to be on a small team (6-7 people), which is on a private channel on Slack and highly recommended.

The live webinars are held using the “Zoom” software. On your laptop or PC, just click the link in the webinar section of the Home Page, and you’ll be brought right in. On your mobile phone, you need to first install the app, you can find it in the Google Play Store or the iPhone App Store. Then clicking the link will bring you into the webinar.

On the Home Page you will find all the information about the next upcoming webinar – the time & date. You will also find a link for “Add to my Calendar” – this will show you all the dates of the upcoming webinars, and also offer you the ability to automatically add them to your calendar, whether you use Apple, Google or Microsoft calendars.

You will find the recording of the webinar for each challenge on the challenge page – there is a dedicated section for it.

The recording of the most recent webinar for the community is available on the Home Page. 

There are a number of places you can check-in, each with a different purpose:

  1. For each challenge, there is a dedicated Slack channel where you should commit to doing the challenge. There you can interact with other community members also doing the same challenge. You will find the name of the channel and a direct link to go there in a dedicated section on each challenge page.
  2. Each Monday, everyone is invited to check-in on the community-wide channel #checkin-mondays
  3. You should check-in regularly with your small team, on your team’s private channel, to get personal accountability and support from your teammates. If you’re not on a team yet, join one! It’s one of the most important parts of the program that can really help support you.

We redesigned the Sea Change program in October 2019. We picked the best of content for each area and created newly curated challenges, each one containing even more content than before. But the older content is still here, and still amazing. If there is something that you used before that you want to access you still can. Here are three pages that have links to a large set of older libraries of content. Note that there may be some incorrect links or post titles in here due to the reorganization we did, so please forgive us:

  1. Previous Sea Change Challenge Archive: here
  2. Text-based library of modules: here
  3. Video-based library of courses: here

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