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In this lesson, we will explore the joy of uncertainty.

So far, we have learned to not run to old patterns, we’ve learned to stay and feel the uncertainty and the fear in our bodies, and we are finding new alternatives to tap into our intentions in a mindful way. We are not running and are finding some happiness, peace, gratitude, joy, and play amidst the uncertainty.

Continuing along this discussion, I want to talk about the joy of uncertainty. How can this uncomfortable feeling of uncertainty that we want to run from be a good thing and a place of joy?

One personal example is having a brand new baby. In that moment, there was so much uncertainty of whether or not I would be a good father and the future that lay ahead with me and this baby. There was lots of fear that came up. In the middle of that, I had incredible joy to have this baby in my hands. There was so much happiness. In that moment, there was so much uncertainty, fear, and joy rising up in me for being here in that moment. What a powerful moment that is to be filled with so many incredible emotions. Not only was it a start with my journey with an incredible human being, but it taught me a little about fear, uncertainty, and joy at the same time.

Another example is when I quit my day job and decided to blog full-time with Zen Habits. There was so much uncertainty in that moment. I had six kids and wife to provide for. That was so much responsibility beyond myself that I had to worry about. Here I was with a business that who knows if I could make it work? Yet, with that uncertainty in front of me, I was joyous to be able to do something that I love to do and that I was free from having to do a job that I didn’t like. I was free to do what I wanted to do out of love for myself, my family, and my readers.

Many of my best  moments have been filled with that uncertainty and joy. This can be something we embrace. We do not need to run from uncertainty because it creates transformation and growth within us.

Uncertainty brings many things:

If we can in love, curiosity, play, creativity, growth, and learning into this place of uncertainty, it can be a place where we look forward to going into. In this Undone course, we are opening ourselves up to finding the joy in it, the deliciousness in it. It is a place of groundlessness. We do not have complete control. We are surrendering to lack of  control. Not knowing exactly who we are or where we are going is an amazing place to be.

If we only stay in certainty and comfort, we never form new relationships, meet new people, or explore the world. We would not learn, grow, and become something different. I encourage you to find the joy and deliciousness in this groundlessness and this place of not knowing. Anything that you are procrastinating on, find the joy in that. There is a place of pay, curiosity, gratitude, learning, relationships and falling in love.

Where do you begin to see the joy in uncertainty? Is there an experience you would like to share on Slack?