For this challenge, we’re going to practice two things: gratitude & letting go.

These two practices go together like peanut butter and jelly.

Let’s talk about letting go first — it’s a key practice that can help you not be as attached to possessions, ways of doing things, hurtful thoughts, and more.

Most people see letting go as a lack of doing something … but in fact it’s an act of love. A joyous act. It’s about allowing something to go. It’s about tossing something gently and joyfully into the air. It’s about embracing what’s there underneath what you’re holding onto. It’s about finding gratitude and contentment without what you’re holding onto.

These are beautiful actions.

Now let’s look at how gratitude works with letting go.

Gratitude in Action

As you’re letting go of something, instead of worrying about what you’re letting go of, imagine looking at what you’re left with.

For example, if you’re letting go of a sentimental possession, you can focus on how painful it is to let go of that object … or you can turn to what you do have, and practice gratitude with that.

This is not trying to bury or deny our feelings about whatever we’re letting go of. It’s helping us to see a bigger picture — we’ve lost something, sure, but there’s also a lot to be grateful for.

The Challenge: Practice Daily

OK, so what’s the actual challenge? It’s simple:

Commit to a daily gratitude & letting go session of just 5 minutes a day.

Every single day, practice letting go for just a few minutes a day, and practice gratitude as you do it.

What will those few minutes do? Well, they’ll allow you to practice skills that you can use for the rest of the day. This session will be an opportunity, to turn inward for a brief few minutes, to practice mindfulness, to give yourself the attention you often forget to give.

We’ll explore different areas of letting go, different ways of looking at it.

Let’s dive in!