This month I’m asking you to let go — but why is that important?

Letting go is about not holding onto things that we think we need, that we’re tightly attached to. It’s about developing the ability to cope with change, to be flexible, to simplify.

When we learn to let go, we have fewer limitations, fewer distractions, fewer relationship problems, fewer complications, fewer struggles. We are freer.

An example: You think you need all the stuff around you, the possessions, because they are necessary, or give you security, or have emotional value. But they also clutter up your life, require maintenance and cleaning and expensive space. Letting go means you can free up space, have a less cluttered life, and are no longer burdened by so many things.

Another example: You think you need to check your email and social media and phone often. But the checking of all these things is really a distraction from the important work that you know you want to do, that will make you happier, improve your career or business, make your life better. Letting go of the distractions would make every day better.

One more example: You are struggling with frustration with someone else. This is from an attachment of how you think they should be. If instead you could let go of this attachment, you could accept them as they are and figure out a way of doing things that meets both your needs.

What Letting Go Develops

Letting go isn’t about developing a monk-like lifestyle, or having nothing. It’s about developing flexibility and openness. It’s about recognizing what’s causing us pain and practicing letting go of that.

If you have these skills, you can do anything, and are prepared for anything.

Think about it: if there’s a major disruption in your life, it’s only a bad thing because you’re holding onto the way you wish things could be, what you’re comfortable with. If you let go of that wish, the change isn’t bad. It’s just different, and in fact it could be good if you embrace it and see the opportunity. We cause our own problems by not letting go. We can get out of our own way by letting go.

In the Gratitude & Letting Go Challenge, we’ll learn to be flexible and open to change. We’ll learn to see what we’re holding onto, and practice letting go of that in small steps.

How We’ll Do It

Start with the Gratitude & Letting Go practices.

For the remainder of this week, I’d like you to see what struggles you’re holding onto right now. Pay attention to what’s stressing you out, what you’re frustrated with, what you’re feeling bad about. More on this stuff soon.

In coming weeks, we’ll also focus on distractions, possessions, needs, ideals.

It’ll be a great month!