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In this lesson, we will discuss how we can take what we’ve learned and create a pattern that will work for ourselves long-term.

I hope you have found some success. We are not perfect, so there will be some days where we may have not eaten according to plan. We are not looking for perfection.

We are looking for a learning process:

Learn how to stick to a meal plan better. You can now see what things work and what may trip you up. As we begin to understand our patterns, we can begin to break free of them or shift them. It is not an overnight process.

Congratulations if you have done well this month! You may not be at the place where you want to be with leanness, so you can continue. I plan to continue for at least another month, and maybe a month beyond that. 2-3 months is reasonable. However, there gets to be a point where it gets boring. Even if you mix in multiple meal plans that you rotate, you might get bored with that.

Once you get bored, you may want to move beyond the meal plan. That is totally natural and I think that is the best long-term. Sticking to a meal plan, religiously, month after month, may not be the best pattern for most of us. If it is something you like, stick with it, but be be sure to switch it up so you get some more variety in your nutrients.

What are some other patterns we can start to form for the long-term?

I hope you have enjoyed this journey. I hope you continue to enjoy your journey towards better health, towards delicious, healthy foods, and towards the you you are looking for in your life.

Thank you. I appreciate you.