What do you do when things are going great with your Unprocrastination efforts, but then something happens to take you right off the rails?

You’re building momentum, but all of a sudden you get off track because you’re tired, something disrupts your routine, or you just go down the rabbithole of Internet distractions?

We’ve all done it … we say, “I’ll just read this blog post first, just check my emails first, just look on FaceBook” … and before you know it, your whole day is shot!

The worst part is that you even know when you’re doing it, and you can’t seem to stop yourself.

What’s the answer? Here’s what I’d say:

Small steps.

You’ve done some of your Unprocrastination Sessions, and that’s progress. You’re aware of the procrastination as it’s happening, and that’s a step as well.

Continue your awareness practice: when you’re going through your day, notice whether you’re going to your favorite distractions or rationalizing procrastination. Just say, “Ah, there I go again!” And this awareness training is another step in the right direction.

If you catch yourself procrastinating, try stepping away from the computer, take a walk for a few minutes, get a drink of water.

Now tell yourself, “I can go to [insert your favorite distraction here], but only after I do a 5-minute Unprocrastination Session.” Let the distraction be a reward for another small step.

Try blocking your distractions with a site blocker if necessary. Try giving your router cable to someone until you’re done with what you need to do.

Also try asking yourself, “What am I worried might happen if I don’t check Facebook or Twitter or Instagram or my favorite news site?” Nothing bad will happen.

Also ask yourself, “What am I avoiding? Why? What is the worst that will happen if I don’t avoid this task?”

Finally, try making the task you’re avoiding easier, more fun, or backed by stronger motivation.

Each of these is a small, doable step you can take, and you definitely don’t need to do them all at once. Try one at a time, and see yourself make progress, one step at a time.