By Leo Babauta

I recorded the video above to share the plans for the Sea Change Program in 2018:

  1. Pick the courses/modules you want to focus on. I’ve already created about 20 video courses (on the members’ home page) and 20+ article-based modules, so instead of creating new courses, I’d like us to focus on going deeper into the ones that are already there. So pick (up to) 12 things you’d like to focus on, with a course or module to go along with them, and commit to going deeper! Commit on this thread in the forum.
  2. Pick some accountability: The key to this program will be accountability/support. If you take advantage of one or more of these options (see “Accountability Options” section below), you’ll be much more likely to be successful at sticking to your changes. There are several good options, so check them out below!!
  3. Support from Leo: I’m going to support you with monthly live video webinars (I’ll give a talk, you can ask questions), plus a Q&A on the forums once or twice a month.
  4. Habit Zen habit app. Along with all of this is the Habit Zen habit app that I’ve been developing. Again, it’s just a web app for now, but it’s free to Sea Change members. Log in with your Sea Change login by clicking the small “Sign in with Sea Change” link at the bottom of the home page. It’s a habit tracker, with a habit log/journal, beautiful habit statistics, and a way to turn on a sharing link and reminders in the settings. You can share that link (off by default) with others in your accountability groups. Coming soon: daily habit tips, plus accountability groups!

That’s a lot of info, but don’t skip over it! More on the accountability options below.

Accountability Options

I’ve found, and studies show, that the more friends or accountability partners you add, the more successful you’ll be at sticking to the habits you want to change. So I’m highly recommending that everyone in the program pick one or more of these options:

Please note that I plan to have accountability groups in the Habit Zen web app in the next couple of months, so this system will get better and better.

Actions to Take

Here are the actions I’d like you to take over the next few days:

  1. Commit to your focuses on this thread in the forum.
  2. Pick one of the accountability options above & take action.
  3. Pick your course for the next month and set a reminder in your calendar to start it next week.
  4. Try out the Habit Zen habit app. Log in with your Sea Change login by clicking the small “Sign in with Sea Change” link at the bottom of the home page.