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In this lesson, I share the basics of getting set up for meditation:

  1. Where to sit
  2. What to sit on
  3. How to sit cross-legged
  4. How to sit in a chair
  5. Being upright and relaxed

What Will We Practice and For How Long?

You might be wondering how long you’ll be meditating and what the daily practice will be.

What to practice: In other lessons I explain what the beginning of the practice will be (checking in) and I explain the foundation of the rest of the practice (breathing). There will be more to come after that, but each day should consist of these two things as the most basic daily practice.

How long to practice: If you’re just starting out, or just returning, I recommend starting with just 2 minutes until it starts to feel like a habit. If that’s too easy for you, then 5 minutes is a good place to start, and gradually increase.

If you’ve been meditating for a year or more, start this course with 10 minutes and gradually increase from there. If you already have a practice of 20 minutes or more every day, then stick with that.

Basically the rule should be to start with a time that’s a bit too easy, and increase gradually, rather than trying for as long as you can.


I’d like you to complete this lesson by doing one of these exercises:

  1. Beginners: For just one minute, set up in a meditation posture as I described, and try placing your attention on your breath.
  2. Advanced: Experiment with a different meditation posture, keeping your attention fully on your body and breath for as long as you’re comfortable.