This month, if you’ve been working on the Simple Living focuses each week, you’ve made some progress but likely haven’t gotten to the simplest life possible yet.

That’s perfectly OK.

This month wasn’t about getting to perfection — because perfection doesn’t exist. The ideal you might have of your perfect simple life isn’t real.

But the steps you took this month are real. This month wasn’t about perfection, but about exploring what it’s like to start simplifying various parts of your life.

It was about learning what it’s like to examine what you have, and decide what’s important. It was a bout priorities and saying “No”. It was about starting to make room for what’s most important.

It was about getting started, and taking first steps.

So what’s next? Let’s look at some ideas.

Where to Go Next

There are lots of paths to take from here to continue learning about simple living. It depends on where you are, what you need to work on, what interests you most.

Here are some ideas:

I encourage you to choose one of these or a similar option, so that you can continue what you’ve been working on. Don’t stop now just because the month is ending! For me, simplicity has been a continuing journey, and each step along the way I’ve learned more, found more contentment, let go of things I thought I needed. I continue to learn to this day, and continue to be rewarded.