Use Beautiful Mornings to Set Up Your Year’s Habits

This year, I invite you to dive deeper into mastering the skills of changing habits. If you’re new (or struggling), I invite you to do the Fundamentals track for the year. Spend the year really practicing the fundamentals of habit change, and in the process, form some great foundational habits. If you’re a bit experienced […]

Webinar: The Importance of the Start of the Day, & How to Shift It

In this webinar, I talk about the unique qualities of mornings, and how we can take advantage of them . I’ve broken this webinar recording into two parts: Part I – My Talk: Why the mornings are so important, and how to shift (See notes) Part II – Questions & Answers: I answered some amazing questions, […]

Tips for Morning Habits: Writing, Yoga, Exercise, Meditation

Some of you are waking early this month, but others have a specific morning habit you’re creating. Today I’d like to share some tips for a few of those habits. But before I do that, there’s one tip that I think is important no matter what you’re trying to do: focus on one habit at […]

When Morning Habits Affect Our Family Members

Creating a great morning habit sounds so ideal! But what some of you might have realized by now is that changing habits can greatly affect your family members, and that brings up a few important issues: What do you do if they aren’t on board with the new habit? What if waking earlier means you […]

The Principles for Creating a Good Start to Your Day

What’s the value of starting your day well? In my experience, it’s an incredible way to change your life. Some of the things I’ve done by creating morning habits over the years: Started my blog and wrote numerous books by writing in the morning. Trained for marathons by running in the morning. Became a regular […]

Reframe Your Morning Change to Make It Stick

I often hear people talking about their morning habit or waking early with statements like these: “I’m not a morning person!” “I just can’t get into writing in the morning.” “I don’t like waking early.” “This habit is really hard.” And those statements might all be true, but they’re not helpful. They frame the habit […]

Wake Early Habit Tips

You might have been working on the Wake Early Habit for a few weeks, but many of have had some difficulties. That’s completely normal. I’m here to help with some of the best tips I’ve found for creating the Wake Early Habit and overcoming common problems. Please note that you shouldn’t try to implement these […]

Your Evening Routine + Questions About Sleep

The habit of waking early really starts with your evening routine. And so let’s talk about evening routines, and then get to some questions about sleep. Evening Routines If you don’t have a (fairly) consistent bedtime, it’s tough to form the habit of waking early. And so the place to start is what you do […]