This year, I invite you to dive deeper into mastering the skills of changing habits.

If you’re new (or struggling), I invite you to do the Fundamentals track for the year. Spend the year really practicing the fundamentals of habit change, and in the process, form some great foundational habits.

If you’re a bit experienced with a handful of good habits formed already, I invite you to do the Advanced track for the year. Really get good at mastering more difficult habit skills, like long-term habits, flexible habits, quitting bad habits, and more.

Either way, it will be a powerful year for you, if you can commit to the track.

And either way, I invite you to start this year with the Beautiful Mornings Challenge. Yes, even if you’ve done it once or twice before.

The idea is to spend this month focusing on a habit (new or renewed) that will help set your year up for success.

Just one habit is enough, but if you are in the Advanced track, then you can focus on bundling 2 or 3 habits if you’d like a good challenge.

Here’s the question to ask yourself: What habit will help me with all the other habits I’d like to work on this year?

A few ideas:

Just pick one (there are no wrong answers, so let your gut choose). Then take your time with this habit, savoring it each day, getting back on track if you fall off.

We’ll work on habit fundamentals next month.

If you’re ready, head over to the Beautiful Mornings Challenge Overview, then start with Week 1 on the Challenge page. (Note: If you’re in the Fundamentals track, you can just focus on one habit in this month’s challenge, if you like!)