2. The Self-Compassion Session

The Self-Compassion Session You’re sitting down for your 2 minutes of self-compassion practice … what do you do? I talked a little about what to do in the Self-Compassion Habit Plan, but let’s explore that a little more. First, you’re committing to just 2 minutes a day. If you feel like going longer, by all […]

1. Self-Compassion Habit Plan

You’ve read the Self-Compassion Overview, and you know how important the habit is … but how do you develop something like this? Well, the obstacles to developing this habit are twofold: It’s hard to remember throughout your day; and It’s hard to practice in the middle of anger or other intense suffering. So I recommend […]

Self-Compassion Overview

I rank the self-compassion habit among the more important habits, along with meditation/mindfulness … simply because it has an all-pervasive effect on every part of your life. And it goes so ignored by most people, despite its incredible importance. The power of self-compassion becomes evident when you start realizing how often you suffer in your […]