1. Self-Compassion: Continuing the Habit

If you’ve been working on the Self-Compassion habit this month (imperfectly, perhaps), you should be noticing some interesting changes: sometimes I notice myself calmer than usual, with mental space to figure out my reactions, I’m more forgiving of myself and others, I find myself generally happier after practicing this for awhile. These are huge changes […]

1. Self-Compassion: When It’s the Other Person’s Fault

Sometimes when you see yourself suffering — you’re angry, you’re resentful, you’re frustrated, you’re irritated, you’re offended — it’s easy to see the suffering … But it’s hard to let go, because you believe it’s the other person’s fault. Imagine someone has done something very rude, inconsiderate. They should know better, right? You’re angry/offended now, […]