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In this lesson, we will focus on trusting our basic goodness.

I hope you are

If you have been practicing with the basic goodness, you have learned that there is always a basic goodness there beneath all of your harmful actions, the flaws, and under all that you do. If you start to believe in that, it transforms everything. You begin to trust that it is always there and always will be.

Imagine how we normally are. We have little to no trust in ourselves. So when we have anxiety about something, it is a lack of trust in ourselves and in that moment. It’s a lack of trust in myself being okay doing this, even if I fail. Even if I fail miserably will I be okay? The anxiety comes form a lack of trust that I will be okay.

Things may not turn out as I hoped, and if they don’t what will that mean?

This basic goodness is all I need. I will be okay, even if others reject me. We don’t trust in that so we have anxiety. We will be okay whether we do well or not. Look back on all the feelings you’ve had. You might have had pain, loss, grief, or suffering of some kind, but you were okay. When somebody dumped you, you were okay. That basic goodness was still there. Tap into that basic goodness even in those moments of failure, heartbreak and loss. Tap into the basic goodness underneath your tender heart that is grieving. That basic goodness is there and you are okay. You are okay even in the worst losses. In grief, pain, and with a tender heart that is suffering, you are okay.

Tap into this basic goodness more often. To see it and trust that it always will be there, even in our worst times, even in times of failure, stress or anxiety. It can transform us because the stress and anxiety may go down a bit once we begin to trust in that. We can put ourselves out into uncomfortable places, in front of strangers, and trust that we will be okay. Our basic goodness is always there and we can find peace and contentment once we tap into it, once we sit still with it.

The basic goodness can fulfill us. It can bring peace because it is pure love and it is always there. We just need to begin to trust in it.  Feel that pure love inside of you. Feel it in everything you do, in every failure, every success, every flaw, every good thing you do. Trust it. I encourage you to practice with this. Thank you, my friends.

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