On Budgets, Financial Priorities, and Overspending Habits

A number of you have concerns about budgeting, ways to keep track of your spending, working on your overspending habits … and so I thought I’d talk about all of that in one post. This post is about budgeting, overspending habits, tracking spending, and financial priorities. I’m going to talk briefly about one at a […]

3 Great Financial Docs from J.D. Roth

I’m happy to share with you three PDF documents that J.D. Roth shared with all of us … these are normally part of a paid course but he’s giving it to us for free! Here they are: The Be Your Own CFO Checklist The One-Page Guide to Financial Independence The Get Rich Slowly Philosophy None […]

Webinar Recording: Creating a Regular Practice with Finances

In this webinar, we talk about how to bring both discipline and art to the act of creating — even when they might seem contradictory to each other. I’ve broken this webinar recording into two parts: Part I – My Talk: I talk about what it would be like to create a small but powerful […]

3. Video: How to Automate Your Finances

Today I’d like to talk about setting up some automation in your personal (and small business) finances. This is something I’ve developed over the years, and you might already have as well … but if you haven’t, I’d love to share some how-tos with you. Some benefits of automating: You don’t have to make a […]

2. My (Non-Expert) Advice on Investing

After I got out of debt (it took me two years), I worked on increasing my savings. This was important for me, because I quit my day job and really wanted a big safety net in the form of savings. So I increased my savings, but I realized that even with the best savings accounts, […]

1. Create Awesome Finances Structure

This week we close out our Awesome Finances Challenge by continuing our daily sessions, letting go of any guilt about what you haven’t done … and working on creating structure for our finances going forward that will keep them in an awesome place. We are going to start building an Awesome Finances machine! First, let’s […]

4. Why Awesome Finances is Worth the Trouble

We’re well into the Awesome Finances challenge, and some of you might be feeling like this is all a lot of trouble. I get that — most people aren’t overjoyed to be thinking about finances. But it’s definitely worth the trouble. Whether you’re doing fine but want to automate and simplify your investments, or especially […]

3. Video: Financial Worries & Obstacles

In this video, I take some time to address some common fears, worries, and other obstacles that you might be having this month, and that are important to address as you go beyond this month. These are some of the worries and obstacles that you guys have brought up on the forum: Saying no and […]