The Minimalist Computer Setup

My minimalist desktop. Ahh, lovely without clutter! One of my key organizing principles is “simplify before organizing”. I love to simplify my computer setup to something beautifully minimalist. Why does this matter? When you have a thousand icons on your desktop (apps, documents, etc.), each one represents something you have to do. So there’s visual […]

Webinar Recording: Key Practices for Getting Organized + Anti-fragility Ideas

In this webinar, I talk about two key practices that will help not only with the Get Organized Challenge, but with any challenge … and about how to use the concept of anti-fragility in our habit changes. I’ve broken this webinar recording into two parts: Part I – My Talk: Two key practices for turning […]

2. Going (Mostly) Paperless

One of the things I’ve done to simplify my workspace (and home life) is to go as paperless as possible. What used to be a ton of folders and trays and drawers is now reduced to bits on my computer (and backed up on the Internet). I can easily find things by searching, access what […]