In this webinar, I talk about two key practices that will help not only with the Get Organized Challenge, but with any challenge … and about how to use the concept of anti-fragility in our habit changes.

I’ve broken this webinar recording into two parts:

  1. Part I – My Talk: Two key practices for turning towards, plus anti-fragility ideas (See notes)
  2. Part II – Questions & Answers: I answered some amazing questions, please watch!

Part I: Leo’s Talk (with notes)

The Get Organized Challenge is fairly simple in some ways — pick some tools to help you get organized, decide where things belong, start putting things in their place, a little at a time. Form some simple new habits to stay organized.
It’s simple, but it also contains some strong challenges for most of us:

  1. It’s overwhelming
  2. It’s filled with difficult items that are easy to turn away from

In other words, it’s exactly what we’re facing in other areas of our lives! Being overwhelmed, and turning away from difficult things.
So there are two practices to hone in on, that I’d like to touch on today:

  1. Dealing with overwhelm: Many of us deal with feeling overwhelmed by putting things off. Not dealing with it, because it makes us feel overwhelmed and stressed. So the practice in this challenge that will help us in the rest of our lives is to first, breathe. Recognize that we’re feeling overwhelmed and stressed. Give some compassion to ourselves. Breathe some more. Then … turn towards it and just do one small step. That’s all — just one thing. Don’t worry about everything that needs to be done, and do one little thing.
  2. Turning toward difficult things: Whether we are clearing out our inbox, or our office space … there will be some things that feel difficult to deal with. Maybe it’s a huge project embedded within that email, maybe it’s an emotionally difficult item. And so our habit is to turn away from it and not deal with it. And so things pile up. This is really the same practice as the other one, but it’s turning toward the difficult item, taking a breath, and just dealing with it. Making a decision. Putting it in the right bucket. One item at a time. You don’t have to deal with all the difficult items, but just this one. Then the next, if you have the time.

What would it do for you if you could do this, not only in this challenge but in all areas of your life? Turn towards the difficult items and not put them off? Breathe, and deal with overwhelm by taking one small step at a time?

Anti-fragility: This is a key concept for our training:

Watch above, or here on Vimeo.

Part II: Questions and Answers

In the second part of the webinar, I answered a number of great questions from members, please watch!