The challenge this month is to fully face something that’s scary for a lot of us: our finances.

It’s a topic that many people want to turn away from, because there’s so much emotional baggage tied up in money and our attitudes about money.

But this month, we run no more. We continue our work on self-discipline by having the discipline to face what’s scary, and take things one small step at a time until we have things in better order.

This challenge is for anyone who:

Is that you? Then you need this challenge! Let’s do this together!

How the Challenge Works

Here’s how the challenge works — you set aside time to work on your finances a little each day, and report weekly (or daily if you like) on how it goes.

  1. Week 1: Start Sorting Fearlessly Through the Messes. In the first week, you simply need to create 5-10 minutes to start sorting through any financial messes you might have. Have debts? List them out in order of how much you owe, with the minimum payment for each and the date they’re due. Yes, this is a fearless practice of facing what we fear! Do the same for taxes, bills you have to pay, your budget if you have one, piles of financial papers (or emails), emails to your accountant if you have one, etc. Don’t worry, you can do this!
  2. Week 2: Start Creating Awesome Finances. We’ll continue our daily sessions but this week, we’re going to dive into setting up our finances in an awesome way. I will recommend a budgeting tool for this week, but you can use your own if you already have one.
  3. Week 3: Continue to Sort & Organize. Again, continuing with the daily sessions, we’ll keep tackling the messes, and get things in awesome order!
  4. Week 4: Create Awesome Structure. This week is about creating structure for our finances going forward that will keep them in an awesome place.

Can you commit to working on your finances each day? Commit to the challenge in the #finances channel!