OK, we’ve come to the end of the Unprocrastination Month, and you may be asking … what now?

Most of you still procrastinate — and that’s OK. Procrastination isn’t something you eradicate in a month. You may even have some form of procrastination for the rest of your life — I know I do.

But what you have done this month is learn about why it happens and how procrastination works. You’ve learned some methods for overcoming it, including the Pause and the Start. You’ve identified and worked on your Important Tasks this month.

That’s amazing progress. Pat yourself on the back. This month wasn’t a waste.

But now what?

Here’s what I suggest:

It’s worth your time to keep practicing and periodically assess how you’re doing. Put weekly and monthly calendar reminders so you don’t forget. Commit to reporting once a month on your progress to you group or an accountability partner.

I enjoyed working with all of you this month. Thanks for being in this program.