This month, we’re finally going to tackle the habit of procrastination. Finally!

And no, you can’t put it off until tomorrow.

Procrastination is an insidious beast that infects not only our work lives, but causes us to fail at exercise, eating healthy, waking early, learning something new …. basically all other habits. If you plan to do a new habit today, but then put off starting the habit, you’ll fail.

So the habit of starting is one of the most important habits.

Let’s start simply.

Today (do not put this off), I’d like you to do one thing:

  1. Commit to doing the Unprocrastination Session every day at the start of your workday, for just 5 minutes.

That’s it. Commit by putting it on your calendar, setting a reminder, telling someone else about it, committing in your Sea Change small team. One or more of those.

Don’t put it off! Take a small action right now to commit yourself.