As we move into the third week of our Create Daily Challenge, we are going work on expanding our creative space to 15-20 minutes (or more), and also work on practices to expand how we create.

Let’s start with expanding the creative space: In Week 1, we said that we are going to set aside just 5-10 minutes to start with … it’s possible you’ve been doing more, and that’s completely OK. But whether you’ve been doing more or just the recommended amount, this week, I challenge you to expand by just 5-10 minutes over what you’ve been doing.

Note: If you haven’t been doing it, try doing just 5 minutes a day! Or even smaller — just get out your pencil and sketch book, just write 1 sentence, just start playing the scales on your piano.

So let’s say you want to expand 5-10 minutes beyond what you’ve been doing … here are some key points:

So this week, slowly expand, adding 2-3 minutes to your creating time.

Also: be sure to set an actual time for when you’re going to do it, and don’t let yourself rationalize pushing it back!

Expand Your Creative Practices

What can we do with this extra time? It might feel like more of a burden, but it doesn’t have to. We can use this extra time to try out some new practices.

Some ideas you might try:

There are no right answers here. The idea is to explore something new, see things in a new way, challenge yourself to expand beyond what you normally do.

What would it be like?