4. The Joy of a Hearty Salad

One of my favorite ways to eat healthy is to simply eat a hearty salad each day for lunch. I’d like to talk about why and how, but before I do that, a couple of notes: You don’t have to eat vegan on this challenge. I’m eating vegan obviously, and the meals I’ll share will […]

1. Changing Eating Habits Flexibly

One of the most common mistakes people make when trying to change their eating habits is to collapse after messing up. You go to a party and tell yourself you’re going to be good, and eat healthy food … and then you have a few chips. Oh no! The plan failed! So now you feel […]

3. Why Eat a Healthy Diet?

That question might seem too obvious — we all know that a healthy diet is something we want! But it’s worth exploring, at least briefly, because when push comes to shove, most people don’t really seem to want the healthy diet. They want the benefits (good health, looking lean and hot) but not the actual […]

2. What Does a Healthy Diet Look Like?

There are so many definitions of what’s healthy — low-fat, low-carb, Paleo, vegan, Mediterranean, raw, and so on. It can be downright confusing. While I risk making a lot of people mad by writing this article, I’m going to attempt to synthesize my personal research on healthy eating. This isn’t definitive, and I’m not a […]

1. The Healthy Eating Habit Plan

As we discussed in the Healthy Eating Habit Overview, we’re going to take a gradual approach during this challenge, with small changes. This approach works whether you have lots of change to make (like I did in 2005, when I was really unhealthy) … or if you’re already pretty healthy but just have a few […]

Healthy Eating Overview Video

Welcome to the Healthy Eating Habit challenge! Today, I give an overview of our approach this month, in the above video. In this overview, I discuss: My story of dieting, unhealthy eating, and becoming a healthy eater Why diets don’t work What a healthy lifestyle might look like (including French fries and beer!) What to […]