4. Adding Healthy Dinners

This week, I recommend that you try to choose a healthy dinner or two to eat each day. We’ve talked about the hearty salad and healthy breakfasts — this week, it’s healthy dinners. I suggest you take time now to pick one or two recipes, then go to the grocery store over the next day or […]

2. Adjusting & Fine Tuning the Healthy Eating Habit

This final week, I’m challenging you to adjust & fine tune your healthy meal pattern. Let’s fine tune our healthy meals machine. That will mean different things to different people: either 1) adjusting if you’re not doing one of the earlier weeks’ meals consistently, or 2) adjusting what you eat and drink outside of these three […]

4. Eating a Healthy Breakfast

This week, I recommend that you choose a healthy breakfast to eat every day for the rest of the week — and possibly the entire month, if you’re game for that. Last week, I recommended that you eat a hearty salad every day for lunch. If you’re not doing that yet, I highly recommend starting […]

1. Eating Slowly & Mindfully

One thing I’ve had to change about my mindset towards food is thinking of food as “good” or “bad”. There are no bad foods — seeing foods as bad creates a phobia around them that can be unhealthy. Instead, it’s more helpful to see food in terms of which ones should make up the bulk […]