Webinar: Deepening Learning from Meditation

In this webinar, I shared mindfulness practices for greater habit success and I answered some awesome questions. I’ve broken this webinar recording into two parts: Part I – My Talk: Mindfulness Practices for Greater Habit Success (See notes) Part II – Questions & Answers: I answered questions on maintaining focus during meditation, keeping mindfulness working in […]

The Drop Deeper into Mindfulness Challenge

I invite you to step into the New Year with intentionality and mindfulness. By focusing on mindfulness at the beginning of the year, we are laying down a foundation for all other changes we make this year. Mindfulness helps us change all other habits: procrastination & productivity, exercise, healthy eating, relationships, writing & creating, and […]

Video Lesson: Working With Our Emotions, Part II

In the last lesson, I talked about how to go into emotions that come up, into the physical sensation of them. This is a really important practice to do in your meditation, anytime emotions arise … as well as after meditation, throughout your day. If you avoid working with the emotion, avoid really allowing yourself to feel its energy … it doesn’t just go away. It starts to control you.

Video Lesson: Opening Up to Everything

In this lesson, we explore opening ourselves up to everything that arises in meditation (and outside of meditation) — the ever-changing nature of things, and accepting the moment as it is, without judging it as good or bad.

Video Lesson: Working With Our Emotions

Thoughts are one thing, but when emotions come up, they can feel much more difficult — we get caught up in them and don’t know how to get out. In this lesson, we’ll talk about how to work with these difficult phenomena.

Video Lesson: Our Stories

Throughout the day, we tell ourselves stories … about ourselves, others, our situation, what’s going on. In this lesson, we’ll examine how to become more aware of these stories, and why they aren’t so useful.