When we’re taking on the Healthy Eating habit, it can be much more complex than we think. We have many ingrained beliefs around eating that can make this undertaking very difficult.

In this webinar, I share a number of beliefs we can let go of to make things easier, or to make change more possible:

  1. That this should be easier, that it will be simple
  2. That there is a right way to eat, that some ways of eating are bad
  3. That I’m bad if I don’t eat the right way
  4. That I should do this perfectly or rigidly
  5. That I can’t eat certain types of foods (other than allergies)
  6. That it has to be a sacrifice
  7. That I have to eat all the time and can’t be hungry
  8. That I have to eat what everyone else is eating
  9. That I have to have alcohol or comfort foods to relax
  10. That there are certain things I can’t change

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Part II: Questions and Answers

In this video, I answer two questions from members:


I love cooking and enjoy eating and, as a family, we’re quite generally seeing to it that we buy and consume fresh and healthy food (we even do gardening, so most of the time there’s a good amount of veggies that we can harvest and use to prepare our own meals). However, I have a strong tendency to fall back to (too much) soulfood (e.g., pasta) and sweets as a reward after a stressfull/ successful day or as a means for relaxation. This has always been my deathtrap when trying to loose weight. What do you think I can do about it?


How to  practice gratitude and feeling confronted in my actual job in the meantime that I can quit (after one school year) to achieve my purpose of life job (actually in progress).

Watch above, or here on Vimeo.