In this webinar, I talk about an approach that helps practice the key habit skills in this program.

I’ve broken this webinar recording into two parts:

  1. Part I – My Talk: How to practice the fundamental habit skills (See notes)
  2. Part II – Questions & Answers: I answered some really great questions from some amazing people, please watch!

Part I: Leo’s Talk (with notes)

In this talk, I covered:

We often approach habit change as a series of projects to get done, and then when the project doesn’t go as well as we’d like, we feel bad about it, like we’ve done something wrong or failed.

This stems from a worldview where we’re either wrong or right. We want to do things the right way, and then feel bad when we do it the wrong way. Either we have a habit streak going and we’re good, or we are failing to show up and we’re bad.

This is not helpful, and yet it’s the context we’re all stuck in. Right and wrong. We are not brought up in a world where we have permission to be wrong, to fail, to make mistakes, to do things messily.

So the approach I suggest is this:

Watch above, or here on Vimeo.

Part II: Questions and Answers

In the second part of the webinar, I answered a number of great questions from members, please watch!