Webinar: Self-Compassion

This webinar is divided into two parts: Leo’s talk on self-compassion and Q&A part.

Part I: Leo’s talk

The ridiculous effect of self-compassion on our habits. Humor is important here because most of the time, when it comes to this topic, we are hard on ourselves. We learned this strategy, to be hard on ourselves, to deal with fear, to be able to fix that part of ourselves.

  • If we expect ourselves to fail, even a minor slip in our habit will be seen as a confirmation of our strategy that we deserve to be hard on ourselves and give up – “I knew this is gonna happen
  • Any kind of accountability and discipline, without any joy, are a place to prove that we are wrong.
  • This is not about right or wrong, but rather noticing how is it going if we are hard on ourselves.
  • Notice the effect it has on habit.
  • Approach of self compassion is different from comforting ourselves.
  • Self compassion is not letting ourselves off the hook or going easy on ourselves. It is about love.
  • Loving yourself, accepting yourself. It creates more resilience.
  • Any kind of slip up is seen as a part of humanness rather than wrongness. It is an opportunity for self compassion.
  • We give ourselves love and encouragement instead of discouragement and punishment. It tends to work very well.
  • Practice is simple, notice the hard time and give yourself compassion. Feeling in your heart like you would care for someone else. Just do the same for yourself.
  • If you find yourself judging others that’s usually indicator that there is something about us that we judge and can’t be with.
  • We can use this practice to deepen love for ourselves.

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Part II: Q&A

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