How to Have a Clean Desk & Bedroom

There are some of us who are always tidy, and then there are the rest of us. We have a bedroom that is cluttered with scattered clothes, books, papers, remnants of recent activities, and months of neglect. We have a desk that’s piled with everything we have to do, and more. How do we get […]

Drawing Exercises for Visual Creators

We asked our friend Paul Foxton, artist and creator of Learning to See, to create some video guides for those of you who are drawing or painting for your Create Daily habit. Paul hit a home run with these videos! We’re so excited to share them with you. Intro: Drawing is for everyone In this […]

Tips for Morning Habits: Writing, Yoga, Exercise, Meditation

Some of you are waking early this month, but others have a specific morning habit you’re creating. Today I’d like to share some tips for a few of those habits. But before I do that, there’s one tip that I think is important no matter what you’re trying to do: focus on one habit at […]

When Morning Habits Affect Our Family Members

Creating a great morning habit sounds so ideal! But what some of you might have realized by now is that changing habits can greatly affect your family members, and that brings up a few important issues: What do you do if they aren’t on board with the new habit? What if waking earlier means you […]

The Principles for Creating a Good Start to Your Day

What’s the value of starting your day well? In my experience, it’s an incredible way to change your life. Some of the things I’ve done by creating morning habits over the years: Started my blog and wrote numerous books by writing in the morning. Trained for marathons by running in the morning. Became a regular […]

When Procrastination Efforts Go Off the Rails

What do you do when things are going great with your Unprocrastination efforts, but then something happens to take you right off the rails? You’re building momentum, but all of a sudden you get off track because you’re tired, something disrupts your routine, or you just go down the rabbithole of Internet distractions? We’ve all […]

5 Advanced Gratitude Practices

I hope you’ve been having a gratitude-filled month, and perhaps have reconnected with some of the good things in your life that are so easy to take for granted. Give yourself a high five! Now, as you wrap up this module, you might want to go beyond the basics with some advanced practices. I have […]

Temptations, Self-control & New Joys

It’s a fact of life that unless we live in a monastery on a mountain, we’re all faced with food temptations, all around us. And in the face of those temptations, it can feel like we have no self-control, and that can be discouraging. So what’s going on and how can we deal with this? […]