Webinar: Getting Good at Habits This Year

In this webinar, I talk about how to use this year (and the Beautiful Mornings Challenge) to get good at habits for life. And how to approach habit change in a healthy, positive way. I’ve broken this webinar recording into two parts: Part I – My Talk: A Mind That Clings to Nothing (See notes) […]

2. Video Lesson: Mindset Skills

In this lesson, we cover three incredibly powerful mindset approaches to our habit change. Continue to do the habit you’ve been doing this month, looking at it through the lens of what we’re talking about in each lesson Mindset approach: Commitment & Decision We might decide not to do a habit when we’re not feeling […]

1. Video Lesson: Renewing Old Habits

In this lesson, we discuss the rather sticky situation of dusting off an old habit, and simply starting again. It can be a challenge to start an old habit again — after stopping for awhile, it adds some additional challenges One challenge: a story that “I shouldn’t have quit, that was a mistake” — it’s […]

2. Video Lesson: Dealing with Being Tired, Stressed, Overwhelmed

In this lesson, we cover some of the more difficult obstacles that derail our habits — being tired, feeling lazy, or feeling stressed or overwhelmed. When you just aren’t feeling it — you’ll feel resistance, and a part of you wants to put it off You’ll have some kind of mental story or rationalization — […]

1. Video Lesson: Start at 1

In this lesson, we talk about one of the most fundamental skills you can develop, over and over again — the skill of starting over, without discouraging yourself. Really key habit skill that we’re going to deepen into this month The skill is simply starting again after you’ve missed a day or more of the […]

2. Video Lesson: Developing Multiple Habits

In this lesson, we cover the intricate art of forming multiple habits at once — something you’re already experiencing, I’m sure. Forming & maintaining multiple habits — something that most of you are already facing and might have questions about Adding habits increases complexity in habit change — it can feel overwhelming or difficult, especially […]

1. Video Lesson: The Key Skill of Encouragement

In this lesson, we discuss one of the most helpful skills you can develop this year — less discouragement, more encouragement! Advanced habit skill — requires awareness Habit of encouraging — you got this! Have fun with this! Encouraging thought patterns that help us to start the habit, stick with it, get back to it […]

2. Interview: Behavior Change Expert Anna B (Adv)

I did a short interview (that needs a Part 2!) with Anna Bartosik, an animal trainer and behavioral expert who creates content at Woofs & Purrs. Anna has dived deep into animal behavior change, studying and working with leading experts around the world. And her insights apply directly to human behavior change, which is exactly […]