Commit to Your Next Challenge

If you’ve done the steps up until now, you’ve: Created your habit path Joined the Sea Change community Found a small team Started the Beginner’s Habit Program Been doing weekly check-ins Amazing! If you’ve gotten this far, give yourself a congratulatory pat on the back — you deserve it. You have started your first challenge, […]

Report Weekly

Each week on Monday, we do a weekly check-in in the #checkin-monday channel on Slack. This weekly check-in is powerful, if you stick to it. So make this a deep commitment — check in every week, no matter how you’ve done. If you do your weekly check-in, you’ll notice a number of important things: You’ll […]

Beginner’s Habit Program

Many people, including new members of this Sea Change Program, make the common mistake of attempting difficult habits before they have basic habit skills. Imagine attempting to build a house before learning how to hammer a nail, saw a board, or lay concrete. The house wouldn’t turn out too well. The same applies to habits: […]

Join a Small Team

What we’ve found in this Sea Change Program is that there’s one single most important feature of this program. And that’s being on a small team. Unfortunately, most people don’t bother to join a small team. And so I’ve recorded this video to talk about the power of being on a small team: Please take […]

Join the Sea Change Community on Slack

We’ve created a community on Slack for our Sea Change Program, and it is thriving! It’s the place where you can get accountability, support, and be a part of our monthly challenges. Join using this link (you’ll need to enter your email address, then check your email for the verification email): Join the Sea Change […]

Find Your Habit Path

The path to transforming your life, one habit at a time, is not fixed in stone. There’s no one way to do it. In fact, as many people who have been through Sea Change … that’s how many paths there have been. That said, choosing a path can be filled with uncertainty. So we’re going […]