If you’ve done the steps up until now, you’ve:

  1. Created your habit path
  2. Joined the Sea Change community
  3. Found a small team
  4. Started the Beginner’s Habit Program
  5. Been doing weekly check-ins

Amazing! If you’ve gotten this far, give yourself a congratulatory pat on the back — you deserve it. You have started your first challenge, been doing weekly check-ins, and have gotten the support you need in teams and the community.

You’re well along the way to transformation.

The next step is to commit to the next challenge you’re going to do after the Beginner’s Habit Program.

If you created your habit path, you have your next challenge charted out. As you get close to the end of the Beginner’s Habit Program, you can check in to see if you would like to stick to that challenge — this is meant to be a flexible path that can change as needed.

If you need support on picking your next challenge, ask in the Sea Change Slack community. We’re here to help!

Some options for your next challenge:

  1. The Daily Meditation Challenge — it’s a great second challenge, as it sets up the fundamental skill of mindfulness in habit changes. It will help with all other habit changes.
  2. Undone: The Unprocrastination Challenge — this is also a good option, as it trains us not to put off starting, which also helps with all future habit changes.
  3. The current challenge that the community is doing — each month, we’re working on a challenge together. You don’t have to do it with us, especially if the challenge doesn’t really apply to your life. But if it does apply to your life, sometimes it makes sense to just dive in and do it with us, which can be a lot of fun.

Any of these three options is highly recommended. Two more recommended options if none of those speak to you:

There is no wrong answer. Choose a challenge and then commit to it in the appropriate channel in Slack! Be committed in your heart, and set reminders to do it every day, and to check in every week in the #checkin-monday channel.