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Answers to Sea Change Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I get support and accountability with the Sea Change community?

A: We’ve created a Sea Change community on Slack — see this page to join. You can also join a small team (6-7 people), which is on a private channel on Slack and highly recommended.

Q: How do I get the updates of new articles and webinars?

A: You should be signed up to the Sea Change mailing list — check your bulk or promotion folder to see if you got the confirmation email.

Q: How do I cancel my membership, update my credit card info or email or password?

A: See our login / registration help page. Most of these things can be found on your account page.

Q: If I can’t make the live webinars, will they be recorded?

A: Absolutely! All the webinars will be recorded and available for streaming and downloading in the members area.

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