Webinar: Decluttering and Simple Living

In this webinar, I talk about Decluttering and Simplicity. I’ve broken this webinar recording into two parts: Part I – My Talk: What applies both for Declutter and Simple Living (See notes) Part II – Questions & Answers: I answered some really great questions from some amazing people, please watch! Part I: Leo’s Talk (with […]

Webinar Recording: How to Tackle Big Areas & Let Go of Anything

In this webinar, we talk about two big problems in decluttering — tackling big areas, and letting go of things you’re struggling to let go of. I also answered some great questions from members. I’ve broken this webinar recording into two parts: Part I – My Talk: About how to tackle big areas, and how […]

How to Have a Clean Desk & Bedroom

There are some of us who are always tidy, and then there are the rest of us. We have a bedroom that is cluttered with scattered clothes, books, papers, remnants of recent activities, and months of neglect. We have a desk that’s piled with everything we have to do, and more. How do we get […]

4. Changing Your Putting Away Habits

It’s great to create a beautifully decluttered space, but why does it keep getting messy again? It might be because you don’t yet have the habit of putting things away when you’re done with them. This is extremely common — most people don’t have the Putting Away habit. When you’re done with some clothes, you […]

3. Enjoying the Declutter Habit

It’s easy to go into a habit like decluttering with the mindset of getting it done, trying to rush through it so you can get to the next thing in your day. That’s a mistake. Treat the decluttering sessions as a nice break in your day. They are a reward in and of themselves. Slow […]