1. Video Lesson: Face the Resistance, Overcome Procrastination

Many of our biggest obstacles revolve around the resistance we feel when we’re distracted, feeling lazy, or feeling tired … and the procrastination that results from that. Today we’ll look at why this happens, and how to overcome it.

4. Video Lesson: Overcoming the Most Common Obstacles

We all face obstacles with exercise … the key is to stick with it and figure out how to overcome the obstacles. In this lesson, I’ll talk over some of the more common obstacles and how I recommend overcoming them.

2. No Get Active Habit? It’s Another Form of Procrastination

Pretty much all of us are very familiar with procrastinating with our work … but actually procrastination is a problem that goes way beyond work tasks. If you’ve put off your Get Active habit at all this month, or if you’ve ever put off exercise in the past, that’s procrastination. If you’ve put off cleaning […]

1. How to Bring Mindfulness to Your Fitness Challenge

This challenge is about more than just fitness … we are bringing mindfulness into the mix as well. Let’s talk about how to bring our mindfulness skills to bear in our exercise challenges: Notice the urge to put off the exercise. You might not run into this urge when you first start the challenge, but […]

2. Turn Exercise Into Play

As we continue our Get Active & Fit Challenge I want us to keep a element of fun and play into this, and not make it too serious. There’s a tendency to turn the exercise habit into a dutiful “get my exercise done for the day” approach … where you’re doing it because it’s good for […]

1. Video Lesson: Make the Focus on the Start (and the Finish)

The most important thing you can do for your habit each day is get started. If you don’t get started each day, you won’t have a habit. You won’t be consistent with it, and won’t stick to it. Nothing matters unless you start.