Working Without Expectations

A great practice is to become aware of when we have expectations throughout the day … and then practice tossing them out and trying to work without them. Let’s look a little deeper into how to do that. With practice, you can become better and better at recognizing your expectations as they arise. Don’t worry […]

Letting Go of Being Judgmental

When you let go of expectations, you are letting go of judgment, and forming a non-judgmental way of being in the world. For some of you, that might not sound that great — why not judge something as wrong if it’s wrong? Why not judge things as bad if they’re bad? Why not judge the […]

A List of Expectations You Might Notice

As you practice letting go of expectations, you might notice that it’s challenging just to notice the expectations — we suggest you use visual and computer/phone reminders to keep this in your awareness during the day. But sometimes even harder is noticing that you even have an expectation — they’re so ingrained in us, and […]

All About Tossing Out Your Expectations

Let’s talk a little bit about having goals and ambitions without expectations. We must start with the realization that just because we have a goal, doesn’t mean we can actually make that happen. We don’t actually control the outcome of life, even if it seems we do. The goal only provides an illusion of control. […]

Webinar: Habits & Expectations – Fantasy vs What Is

In this webinar, I talk about habits, expectations, fantasy and reality. I’ve broken this webinar recording into two parts: Part I – My Talk: Expectations and reality (See notes) Part II – Questions & Answers: I answered some really great questions from some amazing people, please watch! Part I: Leo’s Talk (with notes) I was […]

1. Video Lesson: Joyful discipline

Welcome to Lesson 6 of the Expectation of Ourselves Challenge! In this lesson, we talk about habits and expectations: Reflect on previous weeks/days. Notice how it went, without judgment. Habits without expectations? Quitting if we fail in fulfilling our expectations is one way. Other way is to toss all of our expectations out and not […]

1. Video Lesson: Tossing Out Expectations

Welcome to Lesson 5 of the Expectation of Ourselves Challenge! In this lesson, we talk about tossing expectations out: Reflect on your last week before this video and share it on the community. We are moving to the next phase – tossing expectations out to the ocean. First we notice our expectation. If it’s not […]

2. Video Lesson: Should We Have Expectations

Welcome to Lesson 4 of the Expectation of Ourselves Challenge! In this lesson, we talk about should we or shouldn’t we have expectations? Having zero expectations is actually an expectation. We are noticing expectations at this point. Our expectations can hurt others sometimes. Important thing is to notice the expectation and bring awareness to them. […]