2. All About Tossing Out Your Expectations

Let’s talk a little bit about having goals and ambitions without expectations. We must start with the realization that just because we have a goal, doesn’t mean we can actually make that happen. We don’t actually control the outcome of life, even if it seems we do. The goal only provides an illusion of control. […]

Webinar: Coming Soon

The webinar for this challenge will be held later this month and the recording will be posted here soon after. You can find all the information about attending the next webinar on the Home page.

Create Daily Challenge

Create Daily Challenge This is an amazing challenge for anyone who wants to create: writing, music, art, crafts, or anything that involves sitting down & focusing. The habits created here help with many other habits. Challenge Overview Commit on the Slack channel for this challenge Go to the #creativity channel Week One: Start our challenge […]

Self Compassion Challenge

Self Compassion Challenge This is one of the most powerful practices in the program — along with mindfulness, it helps all other habit changes. It addresses the fundamental difficulty most of us have — we think there’s something wrong with us, and we beat ourselves up. Challenge Overview Commit on the Slack channel for this […]

Get Active & Fit Challenge

One of the most common goals is to get active and fit. We’re not aiming to get you buff, just to have an active and healthy lifestyle.

Exclusive Content for Writers & Bloggers

A list of members-only articles focused on helping you change your life. Creating Change in Your Life Getting Started With the Sea Change Program Practicing the Skill of Change The 9 Habits that Create Massive Change from Scott Dinsmore Finding Regular Inspiration for Change Video: The Simple Method for Creating Habits Habits You Shouldn’t Start […]

Awesome Finances Challenge

Awesome Finances Challenge The challenge this month is to fully face something that’s scary for a lot of us: our finances. It’s a topic that many people want to turn away from — but this month, we run no more. Challenge Overview Commit on the Slack channel for this challenge Go to the #finances channel […]

Undone: The Unprocrastination Challenge

It’s the habit we’d all like to break out of — putting off the most important things we’d like to do. Let’s tackle this once and for all — no putting off this challenge!