Webinar: Beliefs to Let Go Of Around Healthy Eating

When we’re taking on the Healthy Eating habit, it can be much more complex than we think. We have many ingrained beliefs around eating that can make this undertaking very difficult. In this webinar, I share a number of beliefs we can let go of to make things easier, or to make change more possible: […]

Webinar: Unprocrastinating or Quitting a Bad Habit

The problem: When we procrastinate, we turn away from tasks (and other habits, like exercise and meditation) … this leads to not doing what we want to do in our lives, and feeling bad about ourselves. So how do we shift this? The opportunity: We can shift this habit of turning away with practice. Simply […]

Webinar Recording: The Art of Turning Towards

In this webinar, I talk about how to practice turning towards what we’ve been avoiding, which is the key to our unprocrastination habit. I’ve broken this webinar recording into two parts: Part I – My Talk: Why we avoid things, and how to practice with turning towards, as a training (See notes) Part II – […]

Undone & Finding a New Alternative

[Download video or download audio] In this lesson, we will focus on finding a new alternative to replace our old patterns. So far we have been undoing our old patterns. We are learning to catch these patterns as often and as early as we can so we can work with the uncertainty that we feel […]

Interval Training

In this lesson, I share techniques for extending the Unprocrastination Sessions to a set of intervals, and even throughout most of your work day.

Difficult Tasks & Awareness of Story

In this lesson, I talk about the stories that we tell ourselves about difficult tasks … it’s an inner narrative about what we’re going through that we’re telling ourselves all the time. And it makes a huge difference when it comes to focus and procrastination.