Quitting a Bad Habit

In this challenge we will go week by week through fundamental things for quitting bad habits – this is an advanced challenge, we assume you already have some fundamental skills in habits.

Creating Long-Term Habits

Learn how to create habits that take a long time, for example: learning new language, running a marathon, weight loss, financial transformation.

Expectations of Yourself

This challenge is designed to help you get better at changing any habit … it’s about the expectations we have of ourselves, and how it gets in the way of sticking to habits, in the way of the work we want to do, and in the way of our happiness.

Habit Key Skills Challenge

Here we are building fundamentals. We will work on the skills that will help us to build and change any habit.

Habit Fundamentals Challenge

The most fundamental challenge where we learn how to create a habit, how to establish accountability, and what to do when we run into obstacles. Begin here!

Get Organized Challenge

We all know the feeling of being scattered, unfocused, messy, and late. This challenge is about finally getting our stuff together! And being on time.