My amazing Sea Changers,

We’re going to start 2020 with a push for health, and get active and fit in January, then eat healthy in February.

Then we’ll work on procrastination, mindfulness and mornings, and getting organized (including a partial focus on being on time).

The rest of the year will be about rounding out our best lives.

It will be beautiful! Let’s do this.

  1. January: Get Active & Fit
  2. February: Healthy Eating
  3. March: Undone: The Unprocrastination Challenge
  4. April: Daily Meditation Challenge
  5. May: Beautiful Mornings Challenge
  6. June: Get Organized Challenge (includes being on time)
  7. July: Mindful Relationships
  8. August: Self-Compassion
  9. September: Create Daily
  10. October: Simple Living
  11. November: Gratitude & Letting Go
  12. December: Sacred Bow – Year End Review & Intentions